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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

End of the Year Updates...

I know, I know. I haven't posted Christmas pictures yet. Partially because most of it is video and it is very time consuming to post and partially because we got a new camera and I am not sure how to use it. December was an eventful month for us though so I wanted to update everyone.

Ben had a birthday.

I love celebrating Ben's birth even though it was particularly hard work for me this year. We do birthday week which means that for the entire week of your birthday you get little gifts and treats, you choose the menu and you do not have to do any chores. This is much harder to do when working full time but totally worth it!

Ben had asked for an electric guitar, and I found a great deal on one off Craig's list that was barely used and a good brand. Tate was with me when we picked it up but he did a great job keeping the secret.

So birthday week day 1 we gave Ben a video game "Halo Reach" which he loved.

Day 2 we gave him a shoulder strap for his guitar. He looked very confused and said "Um I guess I will have to get out my old guitar." To which Tate replied, "You don't have a guitar". Funny because Ben really does have an acoustic guitar but hasn't played it for roughly 6 years and Tate is only 4 so he has never seen it. Also good because Tate is keeping the secret.

Day 3 we gave him some cozy long sleeved shirts. (It is dang cold here right now!)

Day 4 we gave him the amp. He looked very suspicious but Tate said, "Dad it is for your old guitar!"

Day 5 we gave him the new Wheel of Time book that he already knew he was getting since I had read it before I wrapped it. (Yep, that's how I roll!)

Day 6 we gave him the guitar case all wrapped up. When he unwrapped it and opened the case he looked very disappointed and said, "Where is the guitar?" Tate replied, "Up under Zoe's bed!" Oh well, he had done so well all week.

This was also the day of our 12 anniversary.
Can you believe it 12 years. It seems both too long and not long enough at the same time for all of the experiences we have had together. It seems to me that he has always been there sharing my life with me. Although, he is probably grateful he wasn't there for the first few years. I am so in love with him.

Day 7 we staged a scavenger hunt to find the guitar. It was so fun for the kids to make up clues to help him find it. The most memorable clue was "Your favorite room" He knew exactly what that was. Do you?
That was also the infamous day we had our tithing settlement that turned into a new calling for me as the Primary President of our ward. Very unexpected. Ben burst out laughing once the Bishop said what the call would be. Needless to say I am learning a lot.
Well, that sums up December. Pictures still to come.
Happy New Year Everyone!

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Sara said...

What a fun week! Lucky Ben!

And you'll be a fantastic Primary Pres. Although I'm not sure you need more to keep you busy! Have fun!