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Monday, July 5, 2010

The Move

Hey All!
Big news for the Sorensen's we have moved.
Many of you already know the story but here is a recap.

Mauvia graduated in December with her psychiatric Nurse Practitioner License.
After that she began looking for jobs and interviewing around the country.
She had telephone interviews in: Pittsburgh PA, Albany NY, (somewhere in) Arkansas, Ogden Ut, Spokane WA, Richland WA, Wenatchee WA, and Redding CA.

Notice that none of these places is in Seattle (at the time no one was hiring).

Through the process of elimination she accepted face to face interviews in Pittsburgh, Spokane, Richland, Wenatchee, and Redding.

She was flown all over the country and wined and dinned and eventually offered 4 of 5 jobs. (Richland was not a good fit)

This made for a very difficult decision that we agonized and prayed about for weeks. Then we decided that Wenatchee was the place for us and found a home there. The next week Mauvia got an interview in Bellevue. Life is so ironic!

Anyway, we have moved and so far we really love it. Mauvia loves her job. We love our new home and we have found our way to the Costco!

Life is good!

Here is a tour of our new place...
Piano room

Living Room

Harry Potter's bedroom


Front Yard

Family Room

Betcha can't guess whose room this is!

The boys room

The view from the back deck.

We have been so blessed through this process and we are so grateful for how everything has worked out. Now all we need is visitors! Please come! We have a room just for you!


amybutler said...

We are there!! Well the first chance we get to leave.. It looks amazing, we're so happy for you, you've worked hard and deserve every bit of it. love ya!!

Chelsea said...

Oh wow. Your new place is totally gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. I'm glad you got moved and are getting settled.

Smart Helm said...

I didn't know u moved... I hope all turns out well! I suppose u like Washington enough to stay there forever.

Kate said...

What a beautiful home! I'm glad you're getting all settled in. We'll miss you!

Riannon said...

Your place is so cute! Glad everything went so well.

Sara said...
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Sara said...

Whew! What a great recap. I hope life treats you well in Wenatchee (I had a BYU roomie from Wenatchee.) Congrats on all your success Mauvie!