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Thursday, March 4, 2010


Some funny stories from my hillarious 4 year old...

The other day Tate was running around the living room with his arms straight down at his sides giggling.
"Look dad I'm a penguin!"
Then he began counting his laps around the couch...
"peng-one, peng-two, peng-three..."

Over the weekend Ben and Tate were playing cars in Tate's room and Tate turned to Ben and said,"Daddy I have potty words in my head."
Ben replied, "Oh really?"
"Yep," Tate said "the potty words are floating around in my head trying to get out and the only way to stop them is to give me candy!"

This morning Tate said to me "Mommy do you want to hear the story of how I hurt my elbow?" "Of course I want to hear it!" I said
"One upon a time" he began, "I was going potty and I fell off the toilet."


Chanin said...

I love it! Those are belly-laughers! :) Tate is so cute.

Smart Helm said...

Way to write it down. I keep telling Bethanie to do it cuz I still remember all the stories about the funny things I said as a child. Those are memories that make you feel loved!

Margaret said...

Those made me laugh out loud. So funny. He is so cute.